Genre: Comedy


Story has some of the same wacky characters that graced TUESDAY, namely Mike, Dale, Ricardo. Their only noble goal pounding out of their sweat-spotted chests (at the nipples) is to someday enter the World Series of Poker. This story recounts their misadventures and certified disasters in pursuit of "the dream."


Most all, let's say, "bad beats," (at the table, or elsewhere) in this script happened to the real life nuts these characters are stolen from.


Note that I wrote this script long before Chris Moneymaker and the WPT ignited the poker craze currently raging through the U.S. So, a lot of the WSOP stuff is out of date, and even seems quaint. Hell, the WSOP's not even at Binions anymore, though that's where it's set in this script!


(This does show how prescient I was, and am, however.)


While script is offered for option/sale to a production company or studio, the datedness might work against that. Still, it's more about the characters and their wacked out actions, all, again, true, so the story can either be set in that old era of the smokey Binions WSOP, or, we can update the WSOP and some Vegas scenes where needed.


Script also serves as a writing sample, exemplifying how great a writer I truly am.