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I’ve been taking photos since age 7, when my saint of a Grandmother gave me my first camera, an old 35 mm Zenit-E, which I still have, though the shutter mechanism is permanently jammed.


In LA I built my own black and white darkroom, and became an excellent B&W printer in my own right. For anyone else still studying B&W photography and darkroom technique, I found Ansel Adam’s 3 volume set on his zone system invaluable in my education.


While taking and printing my own shots, I worked from time to time as a B&W dark room tech, and as a staff photographer for a small West LA paper.


Although I love to look at most types of photography, as you can probably tell from what I’ve put on this site so far, I love to take street shots. I capture an authentic scene, a moment, and it’s transient inhabitants. Currently, my city is LA, so most of my recent photos are of this great jumble of streets, neighborhoods, people.


I live on the Sunset Strip. Sunset runs from Downtown LA to the Pacific. If you were to drive from one end to the other, which might take an hour or two, you would see bums, hookers, pimps, psychos, maybe a shooting (I saw one once), arrests, gang bangers, madmen, and women, nuts screaming at no one or thing in particular, working people, day laborers, bus drivers, cabbies, families, school children, Chicanos, Blacks, Thais, Phillipinos, Chinese, Japanese, South Americans, Mexicans, Whites, Persians, Israelis, transplants from other cities of America and the world, homosexuals, TVs & TS’s, straights, bi’s, a funky arty community, tourists, trash, grime, grease, jalopies, slow moving Mexican gardening trucks, Porsches, Rolls, tons of Mercedes, maybe a movie shoot, knockout chicks, cruisers, pimp mobiles, the world famous Sunset Strip, gorgeous women and men dining outside on 100 buck lunches, Beverly Hills mansions, wide lawns and pretty geraniums, the pink Beverly Hills Hotel, more money you can shake a stick at, lovely green hills, pines and eucalyptuses, perhaps a deer, raccoon, coyote, a major university (but of course always the second university of the city, behind USC), ;-), the wealthy family oriented Palisades, beach houses, and finally, the heavy, quiet Pacific Ocean at the beach, from where on a clear day, you would see the Malibu Hills to your right, and the Palos Verdes Peninsula on your left.


It’s a great, beautiful, crazy street, and I take a lot of photos on it. I also shoot other parts of the city, and the streets of other cities, if I’m ever lucky enough to find myself in another part of the world.


I try to be as discreet as possible, to capture as much of the authenticity of a moment without intruding and messing it up. I use a small digital camera, hide it most of the time, and finish creating the photo, at this point putting my take on the image captured, with the computer.


I use digital exclusively now, and expect I’ll never go back to emulsions and chemicals. Although I enjoyed B&W darkroom work, I consider Photoshop the best thing since gravity. It’s faster, cleaner, less polluting, and even smells better if you put a rose on your desk. With it, I can do anything I did in a physical darkroom, plus much, much more. I in fact no longer have a darkroom. Going back to one would be like going back to an old IBM Selectric typewriter.


Come back often, as I will continuously add more photos, both old from my archives, and new.



I attended USC undergrad, getting a BS from the great business school there, then entered the graduate film school, but left to move to Paris and take photos and write screenplays for a while.


I’ve so far accumulated 20 scripts by my own hand, some of which I’ve put on this site, in the effort of either transacting an outright sale in the traditional Hollywood sense, that is, Hollywood Producer/Production Company options/buys script, or in the effort of securing production assistance for the lower budget ones, which rivercardZ would make independently.


My movie making proclivities most definitely lay in the indie film world. Story remains first and foremost. Market and Return considerations are further down the list.


rivercardZ productions inc. was mainly set up to produce these low budget stories, as well as others from different writers/directors. An example is “Tuesday.” If you go to that page, you’ll see that I wrote that script with a “no-budget” production in mind. “No-budget” is even less costly than “low budget,” “low low budget,” and “mucho primo 180 proof ultra-low budget.”


If you would like to take part in bringing any of these scripts to screen, big and small, please contact rivercardZ. That goes for hopeful cast and crew as well.


All the best, and look forward to hearing from you.