TUESDAY is a no-budget script. Guerilla film making at its finest/most bloody. Script is based on a true story yours truly enjoyed one day and night, a Tuesday, in a more innocent, cop-free era of the Sunset Strip.


Comedy story involves 5 main characters. The structure allows the audience to spend equal time with each. Sunshine and Koko are Sunset Blvd hookers. Mike, a starving poet/song writer. Dale an office slave, dreaming gambler. And Dennis a despondent movie studio exec. All are based on living individuals.


And breathe easy my friend, for you'll be relieved to know that TUESDAY is NOT for a studio/indie production company. All this film needs is some insightful souls willing to put in 5k, 10k, $US, the more the better. This does not include the cost of the digital camera, which at this posting rivercardZ still needs to acquire.


Story was penned around locations and props I know I can get for free or little dough.


Cast and crew (if we must do it this way, despite my abhorrence to hiring people on a promise) can be hired on a deferment basis, the promise being experience, credit, reel, and possible remuneration if the movie's picked up for distribution.


I am the director, co-producer, writer, editor.


If you would like to participate in bringing this movie to the screen, please see the About Page for Contact info. I welcome inquiries from all serious financiers, cast, crew.


Please Note: I as the writer/director feel the script needs one more re-write to cut down on talky dialogue, but would prefer to do same with the cast's input.