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Normandie & Sunset, SE Corner, about 2:15 am, 08.28.02




This site showcases the photos and screenplays of Mark Alberici.


Come back often, as I will continuously add more photos, new and old, as well as screenplays.


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News re rivercardZ



Went to one of the great LA restaurants the other night, The Pantry, at 9th and Figueroa. It's a 24 hour place, been there since the early '20s, and since it's just up Fig from campus, a huge SC hangout. Howard Jones' teams were eating there back then.


Took a great pic of the interior, put it in the Structures/Places section here. Pic's almost as good as the Pantry's hamburger steak and potatoes!!!!




We Trojans had some great news today!


Our QB Matt Barkley announced he is returning for his final year of eligibility, foregoing the NFL for the time being. Watched the announcement at a terrific sports bar in Century City called BJ's, with my SC bud Darryl.


Barkley Announcing Return to SC, BJ's, 12.22.11





Maaaaan, got so swamped with a great movie I'm working on the photography had to suffer. It was killing me, but finally got to put up a few in the Random section, here and here, and one in Structures here.




Went to a gallery opening this Saturday night, at the Corey Helford gallery on Washington in Culver City. Took a bunch of pics, but really liked these two.


There was a hot dog truck out front of the Corey Helford. Great hot dogs, washed down by the champagne inside the gallery!


Then headed north up La Cienega and stopped at one of my favorite taco trucks, El Gallito, at La Cienega and Venice. Really love the light of this truck, the tones. Was lucky to have a crowd there while taking the pics.


There's a few more good ones from this little excursion I'll probably put up later.




This pic was taken thru the car window the other day on Hollywood Blvd, just west of Grauman's. I'm callin' it "The Patient Bus Riders, Hollywood Blvd, 06:06pm, 07.12.11."




Four new Structures/Places pics! Starting here. Three from March 2010, of the Hollywood Hills and Universal City after a clearing storm. They were taken from Mulholland. A third is from the same day, that of Gelsons in West Hollywood.


The air was soooooooo clear that day, I was just going for very clear and sharp shots.


The fourth is a way thrashed photo of an LA/West Hollywood landmark, Irv's Burgers.




Went to Vegas for a while, which really set me back on photo editing. (At least the kind residents and businesses didn't set me back other ways, if you know what I mean!)


But just put up 4 photos in the Structures section, which is devoted to edifices or locations in contrast to people shots. They start here.


I'm really loving the "Langers" and "Amoeba" shots. Really thrashed 'em and fooled around on 'em a lot.




Put up 04 more shots in the Random section of the site, starting here. Lately been going to a lot of art photography events, so these photos were taken at or near those.


One though, the geyser one, was just a chance occurence that day. Happened to be driving down La Cienega right after this fire hydrant had been smashed over. Didn't see the car that did the deed, but got a pretty good pic when the firemen arrived.




A new excursion put up, starting here. There were a couple of very cool art shows last Saturday night, got a few good pics. I give a little more detail at the thumbs page (here), but the Kehinda Wiley one was wonderful, and really packed. That was in Culver City.


Got some very colorful shots of Sunset Blvd. too. This was just west of Gardner, down the street from one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, El Compadre. Best margaritas in town!!!




New photos in the Random section here!!! One recent at Mels on the Sunset Strip, and the other three from last year.




Put up some more photos in both the Structures section here and the Random section here. The links will take you to the first in the series, and all you have to do is click on the photo to take you to the next, or of course, use the navigation arrows.




On Sunday (03.20.11) the LA Marathon ran right by my studio at about the 14 mile mark in a heavy rain and very cold weather. Was able to grab a few shots.


The marathoners were terrific, persevering thru terrible elements. Of course it was tough going for some, but they all seemed to enjoy the challenge and accomplishment.


Here are some shots...




Have updated the design and navigation of the site, added a few more old photos to the Random gallery, a shot here, and from a xmas drive on Sunset at Sunset Plaza, 03 here, here, and here.