This story shows what it's like to be an honest, well meaning starving artist in LA, working an evil day job and dealing with the boneheads of Hollywood.


That said, due to the numerous scenes of flamboyant violence and, hence, the need for special effects, this script requires the financing of those same bonehead Hollywood production companies/studios, or perhaps a well-healed, insightful financier or two, to bring it to the large and small screens.


Let me point out that when I started writing this script, I set out to write the most violent script ever written, to the point where the violence becomes fanciful and funny. I think I succeeded, but I welcome your comments and will stand corrected if this assertion is shown to be in error.>


The story is based on actual events and musings, but at its base, is fictional.


Hollywood Pitch: A cross between Walter Mitty, Taxi Driver, and Knut Hamsun's "Hunger.